Monday, May 7, 2012

Creating Social Media Pages

As I have been building my resume, it has lead to me to study Social Media pages that people use and like to use. Currently of course the bigger ones are Twitter, Facebook, and Blogger. Those are the easiest to use and you can tell people spent a lot of time developing them and working out the bugs. The others are nice, but have a ways to go on what and where they are headed.

This is what has brought me to the conclusion that understanding and learning about them is the best thing that I could possibly do. Which is why I am now a member of the following websites:

-Twitter        -Tumblr
-Foursquare   -Asana
-Blogger        -LinkedIn
-Dribble         -Wordpress


It has been an experience for me to learn about each and every one of these Social Media Forums. I will be learning about each and every one of these, and keep this updated with my findings on each one and their strengths and weaknesses of each as well.  Since the internet is always changing I would really like to get involved with it and know what is coming down the pipeline. Here i feel is a good place to jot down my thoughts and humor on the subject. Lets get started!